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Does thinking about you all need to do online make your head hurt?

If thinking about the internet makes your head hurt, you’ve come to the right place! My absolute passion is all things internet and I’d love to share with you how you can easily, simply and effectively start building a highly responsive, targeted list of clients specific to your business niche.

What’s more, you can easily position yourself as the “go to” person no matter what your area of business or field of expertise.  Pretty cool, hey? Your clients and customers find you!

The secret, is that understanding and utilising the internet to build a client list is not that hard to do – you just need to know the strategies that work, the questions to ask and be asking the right people! Pretty straight forward when you think about it isn’t it?

Then why aren’t you applying basic, simple strategies to attract your perfect client and build a list to your business?  Lack of time? Lack of expertise? Think you’ll get it all horribly wrong? Simply too many other things that take a higher priority in your business?

I totally understand.

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Margaret Saunders

“I love being a Savvy Web Woman and am always looking out into my email inbox for anything that comes from Wendy.

She is so generous with her content and she is so easy to learn from.

Excellent, excellent, excellent. If I can do it so can you.”

Margaret Saunders, BedtimeandToiletTrainingSolutions.com.au

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with Savvy Web Women Founder Wendy Chamberlain

Probably the one question I am asked the most is “I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get it all done. How do I know where to spend my time on social media?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had busy, frustrated business owners, literally ready to pull their hair out, ask me how on earth they can stay on top of things.  With so much to be done, sometimes it can feel like you are chasing your tail without getting any results or traction.

That’s why we’ve introduced 1:1 Strategy Sessions with Savvy Web Women founder Wendy Moore.

So if you are ready to finally put together a strategy of how to “attack” your social media and get actual results, take a look at how to get involved in a Strategy Session here.

Finally take back control and find out how much more effective and efficient you’ll be in your business when you have a better understanding of where to spend your valuable time.

Book your strategy session with Wendy here now.

So What Happens if you Don’t Open the Door?

I am sure you are already aware of the power of using the Internet to grow your business … right? In fact research shows that the internet is the fastest growing medium to connect with potential clients and foster relationships with existing clients.

As a fellow Business Owner, I understand what happens if you are not there. So, how much money do you make in your business if you don’t open the front door? If you are not there to meet your clients, listen to them, work with them and meet their needs, do you make any money?

You may own a Cafe or Pilates studio.  You may be a photographer or finance broker. You may even be a life coach, accountant, naturopath or massage therapist. The list of businesses is endless, but your time is not. The number of clients you see each day is physically limited by the number of hours in a day. Literally.

And if you are not meeting clients one on one, you feel like you are chained to the desk fielding calls and returning emails.  Let alone devoting time to connecting with potential new clients using social media.

So if you decide to take a break. If you have a family emergency and can’t make it to the salon that day. Or if you simply are not feeling well, how are you going to keep the money coming in to pay the bills?

The Money is in the List

Have you ever heard that saying? It’s true!

Knowing how to build a targeted, responsive list of clients is vital!

That’s why I launched Savvy Web Women. To show passionate business owners and entrepreneurs how to build a targeted list of clients specific to their business niche using the power of the internet.

What’s more – I’ll demystify the whole process using PLAIN ENGLISH!

If you’ve ever had a computer issue and a “techie” has been called in to fix it, you’ll know what I mean. They’re like a whirlwind. They come in, sit down, you barely get three words stringed together in a sentence before they stick their nose in your computer and start beavering away.

Then magically, it’s fixed! You ask what the problem was and as they try to explain what the issue was to you, your eyes quickly glaze over. It feels like they are speaking Klingon to you or some other obscure language. In fact, it is down right overwhelming.

So what hope have you got for your business? You can’t even understand what was wrong with your computer let alone try and get online. And who has the time to spend getting your business in front of people on the internet anyway?

The last thing you want to do is spend even more of your very precious time away from those that mean the most to you in order to grow your business. Right?

We give you the opportunity to learn more about better utilising what you already know. To take your existing knowledge and use it to get in front of your target market, your ideal client and then get them to sign up to your client list – your database.

If you were to make money in your business without seeing a single client, just imagine how getting your time back would change your life.

Imagine running a successful, profitable business with more time to spend with friends, family and those that are most important to you – all through leveraging the power of a responsive, targeted list of clients that can’t wait to hear from you.

We will show you how to market your business to more clients in your business niche so that they can’t wait to get on to your client list to hear more AND to buy more from you. What’s more, you’ll have a whole lot of fun while you do it.

When you are ready to get started, take a look at our Services here.

Ready to focus on your business?

If you at your wits end with at all the emails and social media updates from people wanting to friend you, poke you, message you, tweet you or tag you, book yourself in for a strategy session with Wendy.

Finally understand what it all means, where to spend your energies online and how to free up your valuable time to devote to working ON your business, not IN it whilst maintaining a consistent, online presence to build your brand, share your expertise and grow your credibility in the eyes of your customers and clients.

A 1:1 Strategy Session with Wendy is specially targeted to you, your business and what you need online right now.  Find out more and join in here.

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