4 More: How to Post a PDF on Facebook

by Wendy on July 9, 2012

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Adding a PDF document to your Facebook business page is a great way to include your existing marketing collateral on your page.

It’s already formated how you’d like it so you know it will display properly when you load it up online.

We’ve previously shared with you how to add a pdf to your Facebook page using Scribd here. Unfortunately Involver now charge quite a lot to use their service, but I’ve done some research and put together a number of ways to upload a PDF to Facebook here.

Apart from Scribd, there are various other methods that you can use to upload or share your PDFs to a Facebook business page.

Firstly, there’s SlideShare which requires linking your SlideShare and Facebook accounts.

Another way that you can share your PDFs on a Facebook page is by hosting them on your own server.

Faceboook marketing expert Mari Smith recommends the Amazon S3 hosting service.
Adding PDFs using Amazon S3

Specifically, you can use the eZs3 media service to host your video, audio and PDF files.

To use the service, you need to have your own Amazon S3 account first.

The S3 refers to Simple Storage Service that allows users to store large files online.

It is free to join the site and you only pay according to your hosting and bandwidth requirements. In short, you pay only for what you use.

Once you have created your account on Amazon, you can then upload your PDF documents there.

To share the files on Facebook, all you have to do is to get the link to a particular PDF file with the .pdf extension and post it on the wall of your business page.
Adding PDF via an iFrame Tab

You also have the option to put the link on an iFrame tab together with some information.

In this way, you have a separate page for the PDF files you’d like to share on Facebook.

To do this, you need to add the static iFrame app first to your page.

Then look for it in your list of apps and include the link to your PDF document.

Converting PDFs to image files for upload to your Facebook Page

Converting your PDF files into JPEG, PNG and BMP formats which Facebook support is also another way.

There are many sites that offer free conversion of PDFs to any file format. Here, Google is your friend. icon smile 4 More: How to Post a PDF on Facebook

It’s easy to convert PDF files to image files as you only have to visit the site, choose the file from your computer and hit the submit button and you’re done.

A link to your file will then be provided. To save the image, right click on it and choose save image as.

Once you have the images ready, you can upload them into a photo album on your Facebook page and label it properly to let your fans know that they’re PDF documents.

Now that you know some other ways to share your PDFs, it’s up to you what method to choose.

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