Facebook Timeline: How to Add a Life Event

by Wendy on July 9, 2012

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Facebook Timeline: How to Add a Life Event

Facebook has made a dramatic change to its profile page recently with the introduction of Timeline.

The Timeline is designed to be a scrapbook of sorts.

Through the Timeline, you can now share your life story and photos from any point in your life, from the time you were a baby right up until you became an adult, started your career, got married and had a family.

The Facebook Timeline allows users to post their life events more easily now when compared to how things appeared on the old personal profile.

Previously, manual entry of the details was required. With the Life Event section in place, it is a lot faster to add your stories and photos in just a few clicks.

How to Add a Life Event on Your Facebook Timeline

To share past stories, just go to Life Event, located below your Profile picture on your Timeline.

You’ll also notice that the option to add a Life Event will appear in the top right hand of your status toolbar when you scroll down past your cover photo. A menu will pop down. Here, it is situated beside Place.

When you click on Life Event, a drop down menu will appear with five main categories – Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Home & Living, Health & Wellness as well as Travel & Experiences.

Each category has sub-categories to make it more specific when you’re sharing your life stories.

For every sub category, there’s a basic template that you need to fill out with information such as the type of event (this one may vary though), location, date, the person or people you’re with and your story.

In addition, there’s a section where you can upload your images related to your Life event.

You have two options when uploading photos. You can either choose from your existing album or upload a new one from your computer or other sources.

When you’re done providing the information and uploading your images, just click save and immediately, your Life Events will be updated.

How to Add a Unique Life Event

If you want to add a unique event, you can do so by choosing the Other Life Event option from the sub category menu.

A new pop up box will display which you then need to fill in with your desired information.

Once done, just click the Save button.

With the Facebook Timeline, you can be more creative in sharing the milestones in your life.

It’s like a digital scrapbook you can use for online sharing with friends, family and colleagues.

How do you like the new Timeline? Do you prefer it to the old profile? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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