Google Plus – 5 key strategies to get you started

by Wendy on December 15, 2011

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Google Plus – 5 key strategies to get you started

Google Plus is the newest social networking site to hit the web. So how can you utilize it to your advantage?

Powered by Google, Google Plus was launched last June and promises to be a user friendly platform that will allow people to share information and images in real time.

Targeted Sharing – what is it?

The main focus of Google + is targeted sharing.

This means, users can share within subsets of their social group or what is known as Circles.

Through this circles feature, people can classify members of their group such as friends, family, classmates or co-workers.

Using Circles

By using circles, a user can control the kind of information he or she shares with specific subsets within the group.

As people in one’s group are classified according to categories, you can post content targeted only to certain circles.

So your business information and updates can be shared with business partners and clients whilst sharing of funny stories can be just between you and your friends and family.


Similar to Twitter’s retweeting and Facebook’s reposting features, users can also reshare information posted by other people which they find interesting.

Again, you can target specific categories of people you’re connected with on Google Plus depending on the kind of information you wish to reshare.

Updating Profile

Completing one’s profile is a must on any social networking site and you should do this as well on Google +.

This is one way of attracting people to what you’re offering and what you’re sharing. So don’t forget to add your personal photo, details about you and post links to your other sites.

Posting More

Unlike Twitter’s 140 character restriction, Google + lets users post more detailed content.

You can use full paragraphs and upload photos or videos. So go ahead and post information and ideas that you think will be useful to people.

Utilising Keywords

Take advantage of keywords and phrases when posting content on Google +.

Keep in mind that Google Plus is powered by the king of search engines so what you’re sharing can be indexed. By using keywords, you can have a better chance of being ranked higher on Google searches.

Jump on to Google Plus now, complete your profile and then start sharing.

By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2011 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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