How to Automatically Import your Blog into your Facebook Like Page

by Wendy on January 2, 2011

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How to Automatically Import your Blog into your Facebook Like Page

Facebook Like pages are a great way to establish your expertise in your business niche. Publishing a blog is another way to share information with your target market and the search engines love them. Blogs can be indexed in as quickly as just 10 minutes after you make a change.

What if you could make an update to your blog and have it automatically update your Facebook Like Page? To have your latest blog entry post directly into your Fan Page?

How cool would that be?

Well, you can….

Here’s how you do it:

Go to your Facebook Like Page

1. Click on “Edit Page”, located under the Like Page picture
2. Scroll to find the heading “Notes”
3. Click “Edit”
4. The Notes page will load. On the right is “Note Settings”. Select “Import a blog”
5. Enter either your blog URL or your RSS URL. For example
6. Check the box saying you have the authority to import the content of your blog
7. Select “Start Importing”
8. A window previewing your imported blog will load. Check that this is displaying your blog entries correctly.
9. Select “Confirm Import” in the top right hand corner
10. Your Recent posts will be loaded into the notes window
11. Your Blog entries will now also appear on your Like Page Wall and in the News Feed of those that Like your page
12. Facebook will now automatically check your blog every few hours and import any new blog entries.

These blog entries will be shown on your Facebook Like Page Wall and also in your the News Feed of those that Like your page.

By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2011 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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