How to Ban a Fan on Facebook

by Wendy on July 10, 2012

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How to Ban a Fan on Facebook

Being a social media site, Facebook provides users with the ability to connect with friends, relatives, colleagues and business partners.

It has been so successful in connecting people near and far that it is now the top social networking site preferred by individuals and business owners.

Not all users of Faceboook, however, have learnt the right networking etiquette, or net-iquette as I like to call it.

Some people can be down right rude with their comments or just plain inappropriate.

Fortunately, if you don’t wish to deal with these kind of people on Facebook, you don’t have to.

Facebook allows users to remove negative comments from their wall posts (see our recent blog post on how to remove a spam post here), remove people from their list or ban them permanently without the concerned individual knowing it.

The process of banning or deleting a person from a Facebook page is different from removing someone from your friends’ list.

How to Ban a Fan on Facebook

For those who own or administer a business or fan page, the steps are fast and simple.

First go to your page and look for the Insights section below your profile photo.

It is located below Friend Activity.

When you click on Insights, three categories will show up below it. These are the Likes, Reach and Talking about this.

Choose Likes and you will be directed to a new page showing the demographics and location of the people who like your page.

On the top right corner in line with the People Who Like Your Page title, you will find a See Likes link in blue.

Click on it and you will be provided with a box containing the list of people who have liked your page.

To remove a fan, just click on the X to the right of the Make Admin button.

A small box will show up asking you to confirm your action.

To ban a fan, below the confirmation question, there’s a small box that you can tick to ban the person permanently from your Facebook page.

If you just wish to remove someone without banning them, don’t tick this box. Tick the box only if you wish to ban a fan.

Once you’ve done that, click Okay to confirm the removal of that particular individual.

How to Check Who is Banned on Your Facebook Page

As an admin, you can also check the people banned from your page.

Just click on the See Likes link again to show the people who like your page.

On the top left hand, click the arrow on the box that says People to display the drop down menu.

Then choose Banned from the list to see the fans no longer allowed to comment on and view your page.

So there you have it. If after you have deleted an offending post on your wall or comment on your post and the person continues to write unpleasant comments or behave inappropriately, your best option is to ban him or her from your page.

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