How to Create and Use Google+ Sparks

by Wendy on July 9, 2012

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How to Create and Use Google+ Sparks

One of the really cool features of Google+ is called Sparks.

What is Google+ Sparks?

Google+ Sparks allows you to create your own newsfeed, within your Google+ profile, based on topics of interest to you.

In effect, this allows you to aggregate the news stories you wish to read right within your Google+ profile. Think of it as a customised newsfeed.

If you find anything of interest, you can +1 it or Share it with your circles.

Where did Google Plus Sparks Go?

When Google+ was first rolled out in 2011, it used to have a Sparks menu item immediately above your Chat balloon. Each of your Sparks newsfeeds was then listed.

This changed at somepoint and now, until you create your first Spark you will not see any of your Sparks newsfeeds (and it really can be quite confusing trying to find what to do).

How To Create A Google+ Sparks

In order to create a Google+ Sparks, first you need to do a Google+ search.

Go to the Home page Stream on your Google+ account.

Here, you need to do a search on Google+ for the information you’d like to receive.

I’ve chosen to search for social media news.

Once the search returns results for you, find the menu item called Everything and click the triangle next to it.

One of the options you’ll see here is called Sparks. Select Sparks.

A list of news items matching your search criteria will be shown.

Next, you need to save your search by clicking the Save this search button.

Your Sparks will now appear on the left hand side of your Home feed, under What’s hot.

Viola! You’ve now created a Sparks.

Now each time you click on your saved Sparks you’ll get the latest news on your favourite topic.

How to Use Google+ Sparks

To browse the latest stories in one of your existing Google+ Sparks, just click the name of the search you have saved (that will be sitting under the What’s hot menu item) and your search will load.

How have you found Google+ Sparks? Will it change the way that you search and read information?

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