How to Feature a Post on Your Facebook Timeline

by Wendy on July 9, 2012

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How to Feature a Post on Your Facebook Timeline

With the rollout of the Facebook Timeline underway, one of the benefits that Timeline provides is it’s easier to update your profile than ever before.

In just a few clicks, you can add events, messages and photos to create your life story.

One of the major changes with the Timeline, is the ability to Feature a Post on your Timeline Wall.

How to Feature a Post on Your Timeline

This can be done in one of two ways – via the wall itself or via your Activity Log.

To Feature a Post Via your Timeline Wall

Go to your Timeline wall and find the post that you would like to feature.

Hover your mouse over the top right hand corner of the post and two icons will appear: Feature and Edit/Remove. Choose the STAR, which is Feature.

Facebook will then change the size of your post so that it now spreads across both sides of your Timeline.

To Un-feature your post, just click the same button again, to Minimise on Timeline.

To Feature a Post Via your Timeline Activity Log

Go to the Activity Log on your Timeline. You can reference our previous blog article on navigating your Time Line Activity Log here.

You will find your Activity Log below your cover photo just beside Update Info.

Click on Activity Log and a new page will display showing your past activities on Facebook.

Here you will see photos you’ve liked and you were tagged in, people you’ve connected with, your comments and past status updates.

Take note that it is only you who can see your own activity log. This great tool lets you manage everything you’ve shared on Facebook right from the time you started using it.

To find a previous post, even from a few months or years back that you’d like to feature, just click on the month or year that you see in the top right column.

Once you’ve selected the post to feature, click on the circle on the rightmost part of your post to show it on your Timeline.

To Un-Feature a post via your Activity Log, find the post and click the STAR in the top right hand corner to reveal the menu options.

Select “Allowed on timeline” to revert the post back to a regular post, not a featured post.

Those are the simple steps to take to Feature a post on your Facebook Timeline. Does a Featured Post catch your eye? Have you used this facility yet?

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