How to Pin an Image on Pinterest

by Wendy on July 10, 2012

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How to Pin an Image on Pinterest

Pinterest is growing by the day and in fact, it has surpassed Facebook in terms of the number of users spending more time hanging out on the site.

They also spend more than twice as much compared to Facebook users.

The average daily users on Pinterest now number 1.36 million with majority of them females.

A new study done by also confirms that Pinterest attracts more customers and generates more sales than Facebook.

With it’s popularity growing so rapidly, there’s every reason for business owners to be using Pinterest. You just need to sign up for an account, install the Pin It button to your browser and then start pinning interesting and attractive images.
How to Pin an Image on Pinterest

A pin is basically an image posted on Pinterest.

It can be added by uploading a photo from your computer or from any website.

To be able to pin, first you have to log into your Pinterest account.

Then on your home page, click the Add buttin (with a plus sign beside it) on the top right.

A box will then show providing you three choices – Add a Pin, Upload a Pin and Create a Board.

How to Add an Image from a Website

If you’ve found a beautiful image worth sharing on a particular website you’ve visited, choose the Add a Pin option.

You will then be shown a new box where you can type in the url of a website. After providing the web url, click find images.

On the new page, search for the image by clicking Next with the right arrow.

Once you’ve found the image, choose the board where you’re going to pin it by clicking the down arrow on the right beside the image.

Then below the board’s name, provide a description of the image. You may also wish to include a Hashtag here (in your description).

Click Pin It when you’re done.

How to Add an Image from your Computer

If you have an image saved on your computer, then click the Upload a Pin option.

On the next window, search for the image on your computer.

Then follow the same steps by choosing a particular board where you want to include the photo, provide a description on the box below it and hit the Pin It button when you’re done.

How to Add an Image via your Browser

Another way to pin images is to use the pinmarklet on your browser. You will normally have this when you install the pin it button.

To use this, you can choose a great image from a website you’re visiting.

Then click on the Pin It button on top of your browser. A thumbnail image will then show on your Pinterest page and in the image, you can click the Pin It button.

Next, a new window will show allowing you to choose the board where you want to pin the image and provide a short description.

You can just remove the link that shows in the box and type in your description. Then hit the Pin It button.

Pinterest Pinnning Best Practice

Remember that when pinning, there are best practices you need to follow.

Firstly, pin from the original source. Second, pin from permalinks and the third rule is to always give credit to the source and provide a description of your pin.

What do you love to pin? Leave a comment below and share your Pinterest boards with us!

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