How to Remove a Tag on a Photo on Facebook

by Wendy on July 16, 2012

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Sharing photos remains as one of the most popular features for users on Facebook.

In fact, Facebook places more emphasis on photos that are shared, ranking these higher in the newsfeed than posts by users without images.

Apart from uploading them on your wall and albums, another way to share a great photo with friends is by tagging them.

When you a tag a person in a photo, it immediately shows up on his or her wall.

Some people may be happy with this, but there are others, for various reasons, who do not wish to be tagged.

This should not present a problem, however, as Facebook provides its users with the option to untag themselves from a picture.

Previously in the old profile, the option to remove the tag was easy to find as it sat right beside the name of the person, below the photo.

With the introduction of Timeline, however, the process of untagging yourself from a photo has changed.

How to Remove a Tag on a Facebook Photo

On the Timeline now, the steps are fairly simple if you want to remove a tag from a photo.

First, click on the photo where you have been tagged.

When the large photo shows up, hover your mouse below the picture to display the four options available – tag photo, options, share and like.

To untag, click Options and a small box will appear with a list of actions that you can choose from.

Choose the Remove Tag option to untag yourself.

Your name will no longer be tagged against that photo.

So there you go.

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