List Building Tool Every Website Must Have

by Wendy on January 3, 2011

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List Building Tool Every Website Must Have

Aside from establishing an online presence, one of the main business goals of anyone launching a website should be to build a database or email list of potential customers and clients. To be successful in business, you need to attract customers who are interested in your products and services. A website is an extremely easy and cost effective way to do this – provided you get a few key points right.

Your website should serve one of two purposes: 1. to make a sale or 2. to secure a visitor’s contact details. Your website purpose will determine the nature and content of your website.

Statistics show a potential customer usually needs to get to know, like and trust you before they will make a purchasing decision. Securing a way to keep in contact with them will allow you to build that relationship over time. It will also provide you with a way to share great information and establish yourself as an expert in your business niche.

Opt-In Options

One of the most effecitve ways to gather the contact details for a visitor to your website is to use an opt-in box. An opt-in box is another term for a website registration form. As its name suggests, it’s a box you place somewhere on your website with blank fields that usually asks a visitor to enter certain details, such as their name and email address.

You’ll find an example of an opt in box on the Savvy Web Women website here.

Many email programs will provide you with a form to use to create an Opt-in box for your website. If you are not technically inclined, your website support person should be able to set this up for you.

Personalise it

An opt-in box is customisable. This means that you can choose what template you’d like to use, the size of the box, what information to ask for from your website visitors and even the words to use if you’d like to customise the submit button.

It’s up to you what information you ask your visitors to give you. Anything from just their name and email address to their age, preferences or country where they live. If the registration form is for a newsletter subscription, for instance, you may also want to know where the person learned about your site and business. Keep in mind, however, your aim is to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible. Too many boxes and questions and people will quickly lose interest and click away.

What to offer

If you’re like me, your email inbox is overflowing with newsletters or the latest offers. We’re all suffering from information overload, so why would a visitor to your website choose to receive yet more information? You need to offer something of value to them.

Your information packed newsletter for f.ree is not enough. Whilst a great newsletter may keep them on your list, it unlikely to get them to JOIN your list. Instead, offer your visitors a f.ree downloadable product such as an audio in mp3 format, an ebook, special reports in PDF format or widgets. Don’t forget to put a value on your offer – if you were to sell this product, what price would you put on it?

Think carefully about your target market before deciding on what to offer on your website or blog via the opt-in box. Something hard to resist that meets the needs of your target market will help increase your opt in rate.

By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2011 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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