What is Pinterest and How Do You Join the Site?

by Wendy on July 10, 2012

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What is Pinterest and How Do You Join the Site?

Just months after Google+ started to turn heads, a new social networking site has emerged that is proving extremely popular.

Known as Pinterest, this latest social media site is magnetic for a very simple reason. It’s visual, very easy to use and quite frankly, addictive!

In fact, Pinterest has just passed LinkedIn in popularity and is now the third most popular social media networking site.

Pinterest is referred to as a virtual pinboard. Similar to a literal board you hang on your wall and where you pin important notes and photos, you can do the same on Pinterest.

You pin things that interest you, virtually on this site from other sources or from your own computer.

Why is Pinterest so popular? It’s a unique interface that shows primarily photos in a very organized manner (by the way, you can load videos too).

It’s quite attractive and gets anybody visiting the site quickly glued to the images. Before you know it, you’ll have spent far more time than you intended looking at and pinning images to your own boards.

In fact, the site is being used by people to plan their weddings, beautify their homes and obtain as well as organize their most loved recipes.

But let’s not forget about businesses. Pinterest is growing in popularity for those looking to leverage their business online too.

Being on Pinterest is a great way of getting inspiration from like-minded members. The people behind the site say their goal is to connect people around the world who share similar interests.

How to Join Pinterest

To join Pinterest, one needs to be invited first.

You can, however, visit the site yourself and request an invitation by clicking the red Request an Invite button.

An email notification will then be sent to your inbox informing you that you’re on the waiting list.

In a few days’ time, you’ll receive a second email letting you know that you can now access Pinterest. In that email there will be a link to click on which will take you through to Pinterest.

What to do to get started on Pinterest

Before you can start using Pinterest, you’ll need to create your username.

This will be the unique username by which people can find you on Pinterest. For example, mine is followwendy. So the full URL will be www.pinterest.com/followwendy.

It is via this username that you can share your pins with people and also ask others to follow you on Pinterest.

Once you have chosen your username and selected a password, you’ll be able to start using Pinterest.

The Pinterest “Dashboard”

Each time you log into Pinterest, you’ll be directed to the main Pinterest “dashboard.”

For the most recent activity since you last logged in, check out the lower left panel of the Dashboard.

It is via the Dashboard you can also follow new people to see what they are pinning.

You can also search for people you know, invite your friends, view your boards, create new boards and upload new pins.

Happy pinning!

What is your favourite type of image to pin? Leave a comment and a link to your boards below so that we can follow you too.

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