Why Facebook is the Glee of the Social Networking World

by Wendy on March 11, 2011

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Why Facebook is the Glee of the Social Networking World

Have you ever wondered who actually cares about what you are posting out there in social networking land?

Yes, we are all encouraged to connect with so called friends but can you really say they are more than just acquaintances or, in fact, “social media” associates.

Take Facebook as an example. I’m continually bombarded by random friend requests from people in countries I’ve never heard of nor have any plans to even visit. On closer inspection their “7 mutual friends” are unfamiliar faces that have managed to slip through my friend radar at some time in the past. These people have never bothered to say hello, post on my wall or even take a moment and offer a single mouse click on the computer to “like” my post or comment. Do they really care about me? I doubt it.

Anyone who has seen the Oscar winning movie The Social Network will know that Facebook originated as a means to connect with friends, true friends or at least people you in some way “knew”.

As social media has evolved, so has the ability to connect with those you would otherwise have had very little chance to be in front of. A virtual “net” has been cast right across the globe connecting us all.

But are these 1,000s of new friends really friends? Or are you just marching to the “mouse click” beat and randomly selecting people who happen to pop up on your suggestion radar?

So where does that leave the business owner looking to weave a fabric of like minded individuals who share openly, connect with honesty and really do receive support and inspiration from those they connect with online? Do the people you are connecting with really give two hoots about you – the real you? After all, isn’t that was social networking is about: getting to know the real you?

Or is it all about getting in front of the right people, leveraging networks, being seen in the right circles so, when the time is right FOR THEM, they will tap into the Facebook friend fountain they have so meticulously nurtured?

I recently shared a very personal, happy experience and the response left me scratching my head. Many people posted comments and “liked” what I shared. I was really touched by their response.

But not those I’d built a strong business connection with, the ones that I’ve often conversed with online and some I’d even created a relationship with off line. For them, there was no response. Zero. Not a Like in sight.

Have we fallen into the trap of convenient friending? Do we only talk to each other online when it suits what we might be marketing at the time?

Used purposefully, consistently and respectfully, yes, I do believe you can get in front of the right people, those that are willing to share their experiences, hopes, challenges and know-how. I have met some amazing people online and continue to do so every day.

But be warned…

Facebook is the Glee of the Social Networking World

Cast your mind back to when you were at school and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

There were the cool kids, the oddballs, the sporty types, the bookworms… plus many more, all naturally sorting themselves into little groups who hung out together.

They never engaged with those outside their own little cluster, preferring instead to close ranks and protect their own.

And here we all are, years later, doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

Kind of ironic given the origin of Facebook, don’t you think?

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