Social Networking Security Essentials

Do you know who is watching you on Social Media Sites?

Do you know exactly what personal, private data people can see via your Social Networking profiles?

If you are using social networking sites, you may not even realise the wealth of information that people have available at their fingertips about you.

How safe if your social media social networking profile information?Much of it may be without you even knowing you are sharing it or realising that people that you do not even know can see your personal, private information.

If you have not set up your social networking security and account settings correctly, did you know that simple yet valuable pieces of information about you are right there for anyone to see?

Things such as your date of birth, your email address, your personal mobile number. If you have not actively protected you privacy (and most people don’t even know where to start), you are leaving yourself open to unwanted contact or worse still, identify theft.

Time and again I speak to people who complain about a massive flood of spam email once they go online, all because they have shared an email address in a social networking profile and not realised the social networking site will show it, publicly in your profile.

Keeping up with the constant changes made to social networking sites such as Facebook can seem like a full time job in itself. How do you know if these changes affect you or not? If they do, how do they affect you?

To offer you piece of mind, I’ve put together a very Special Report…

Must Know Social Networking Security Essentials

I’ve put together for you, step by step key “must know” settings and features you need to consider when they are surfing social networking sites. Things like:

social networking security essentials

  • how to stop unwanted friend requests
  • checking what your profile looks like to the outside world
  • how to report inappropriate contact online
  • protecting your privacy and personal details
  • how to remove unwanted posts on your profile
  • plus much more

My Special Report: Must Know Social Networking Security Essentials Special Report is yours for an investment of only $78.

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Savvy Web Women founder Wendy Moore shows parents how to understand social networking security settingsI’ve listened to the concerns of business owners who would really love to use social networking sites to connect with potential clients and customers and to stay in touch with existing clients.

What often holds them back is not understanding the implications of being online and not knowing what information they may be inadvertently sharing.

In my step-by-step Special Report: Must Know Social Networking Security Essentials, I cover the key areas you need to be aware of. I’ve included helpful “how to” diagrams of where to look and what to look for.

Why risk not knowing what you might be sharing, inadvertently and innocently, when for an investment of just $78, you can follow my “paint by numbers” report and make sure you and your valuable information is not being seen by the wrong eyes and falling into the wrong hands.

I’ve also put together a Social Networking Security Essentials Check List, to make it super easy and just to make sure you have a ready reference handy to check things off as you move through the report.

Grab your copy right now for $78.00
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