Red Tent Fan Page

Savvy Facebook Fan Page for Red Tent Women

What’s Included?

Savvy Facebook Fan Pages• choice of 2 design templates (set as your Welcome Tab – including Creation of Image for Welcome Tab to welcome visitors to your page)
• Pre-populated content on your business information page
• Invite Friends Tab to reach new markets
• Creation of Skyscraper banner (in place of photo) to showcase business
• Three clickable buttons that can point to tabs on your Facebook Fan Page or other outside links
• Three clickable icons to your social media profiles
• Free plug on my fan page!

There are two different templates to choose from:

Red Tent Women Members Template One Fan Page
Option 1 (<left) In this table template, your content is split into easy-to-digest chunks. This makes navigating your page much simpler and important information doesn’t risk being looked over.

The border colour can be customised to match your company colours, so you have consistent branding across the board.

Red Tent Women Members Template Two Fan PageTemplate 1 Investment:  $500.00

Option 2 (>right) This template includes the same clickable features as the table template and is better suited to businesses that market visually.

The border and background can be further customized to match your branding.

Template 2 Investment:  $500.00

Please Note:

We will work with you to create your Skyscraper banner and Welcome Tab images. These will be drafted according to client directions and may be subject to 1 review.
We will also send you a Savvy Facebook Fan Page Template to complete detailing what we need from you.  We require this template is to be returned to Savvy Web Women within 30 days of receipt.

Savvy Facebook Fan Pages

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